Terms And Conditions

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White Collar Rentals

Presented on this page we are displaying our Terms and Conditions for renting with White Collar Rentals located in Jacksonville, Florida.

Please Note

All properties offered by the White Collar Management Corporation are privately owned residential properties and not official tourist accommodations such as hotels, bed & breakfasts, pensions or hostels. As such, they must be treated with utmost respect and consideration. Indeed, the individual architecture and furnishings of each property reflects the local culture and traditions as well as White Collar Management’s personal taste. It is precisely this type of accommodation that White Collar Management specializes in offering, so that you can enjoy a clean and safe rental experience.

We take great care in selecting properties that offer a range of quality and convenience and with which we are confident our clients will be satisfied.

Respect For The Property

Excessive use and/or misuse of the HVAC system, water and electricity, will not be tolerated and will constitute the termination of an existing Rental Lease with the subsequent need to vacate the property.